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Opening of the Second Biennial of ecclesiastical art, Veliko Tarnovo  /18.10.2011 /


 At the invitation of the consultant associate professor Evgeniy Nikolov the Association members of the Board - Milena Trifonova and Ivanka Georgieva attended the opening of the Second Biennial of ecclesiastical art.
Associate professor Evgeniy Nikolov participated in the exhibition with his mosaic "St.Joan Rilski" and a poster displaying the mural paintings in the church "Seven Saints" - image of the patrons of the church "Seven Saints" at the National Military University "Vasil Levski".
His special guests were the head of the university brigadier-general Tsvetan Harizanov and the commander of the cadet battalion lieutenant-colonel Evgeni Penchev.

About 80 artists from seven countries showed their works in "Rafael Mihailov" exhibition hall. Twenty of them are foreigners and they presented the ecclesiastical art of Romania, Russia, Serbia, Greece, Macedonia and France. The exhibition includes 200 works from almost every genre - icons, mural paintings, mosaics, iconostasis of churches, church furniture, graphics, textile, miniatures and home iconostasis.

Completed projects of monument works are presented at the exhibition; they are showed in photos and on boards.
The Biennial is the first and only forum for contemporary art of the Orthodox Church Art in Bulgaria. It is organized by the Orthodox Theology Faculty at Veliko Turnovo University in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Holy bishopric of Veliko Tarnovo, Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Union of Bulgarian Artists and "Pokrov Bogorodichen" foundation.